What Else Do You Need To Know?

Can you cater for any event?
Absolutely! Photos are the biggest trend of our generation. We would be happy to come and be part of any event, all we need is a power supply!
Is there a charge for travel expenses?
If your event is within a 50 mile radius of our base in central Dorset then there will be no charge for travel. For any events beyond this a small charge may need to be added.

How far will you travel?

As long as we can factor in our travel expenses we never say never. Contact us and lets see what we can do. We have this year just agreed a package for the Isle of Wight :)

How big are your booths?
Our booths are oval in the style that other companies call "Ultimate Booths" (1.3m wide x 1.8m long x 2m high)
If I choose to buy the guest book how does it work?
The guestbook is a high quality book that features all of the pictures taken at your event. We also provide a number of coloured pens to allow guest to leave their own personalised messages alongside their pictures. We are there to ensure no one is missed and some wonderful spur of the moment words will come after the excitement of being within the booth.
Will we get a copy of the pictures too?
Yes. After your event we will provide you with a memory stick including high-res versions of all the pictures & videos taken using the booth.
Will our guests be able to view all of the photos?
Yes if you would like them too. We can instantly upload to our facebook page if wifi is available at your venue or a strong connection can be made via a dongle for your guests to "tag" themselves. Should this not be possible we can upload all photos after the event which is usually recommended so we can filter them.
Are you insured?

Yes. We carry Public Liability Insurance.
How long do the booths take to set up?
Our typical setup time is 35-45 minutes, so we will make sure we arrive at the venue at least 1 hour before the start of your event. All time required for setup is included free of charge and is not counted as part of your run time. We can tailor a package so we set up in the day before guests arrive and then come back at the start of the event hours. (There may be a small contribution for Idle hours dependant on the time and location)

What are idle hours?
Idle hours are deemed as any hours before or after the event where a booth is required, but will not be in operation. Typically idle hours come into play in situations where you want to use the booth at the beginning of an event, a meal may in the middle (idle hours) and then we can get going again after the meal has finished. All idle hours are charged at £25 per hour.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. A £100 non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking and date with the remaining balance due 30 days prior to your event taking place. Payment can be provided by BACS transfer or by cheque.

When should I book?

As you can imagine dates go quickly, we hate to disappoint so it is recommended to enquire early. We take bookings well over a year in advance.

By placing an order with us and a deposit has been paid it is deemed that you have read, understood, fully agreed to and are bound by all our terms and conditions of hire